About This Privacy Policy

National School Awards is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to each National School Awards website, event and other service (each, a “Service”) that refers or links to this privacy policy. This privacy policy may be supplemented by additional privacy statements, terms or notices provided to you. National School Association that owns or administers the Service, as identified therein, is the primary controller of your personal information provided to, or collected by or for, the Service.

Information We Collect We collect information about you in three ways:
(1) from your input through our web forms, badge scanners, app forms and other mechanisms.
(2) from third-party sources, and
(3) through automated technologies.

Data You Provide To Us: The types of personal information that we collect directly from you depends on how you interact with us and the Service and may include:
• Contact details, such as your name, email address, postal address, social media handle and phone number;
• Account login credentials, such as usernames and passwords, password hints and similar security information;
• Other account or event registration and profile information, such as educational, employment and professional background, dietary and accessibility requirements, and photo;
• Payment information, such as credit or debit card number;
• Comments, feedback and other information you provide to us, including information that you send to customer support and messages, appointment inquiries and other information that you wish us to share with our exhibitors, visitors, partners and others; and/or
• Interests and communication preferences, including My Show/My Event matchmaking and event planning and networking choices and preferred language.

Data From Other Sources We also may obtain personal information about you from our group companies and from other third parties, including:
• Service providers that help us determine a location based on your IP address in order to customize certain products to your location;
• Partners with which we offer co-branded services or engage in joint marketing activities; and/or
• Publicly-available sources and data suppliers from which we obtain data to validate or supplement the information we hold.

Marketing and Promotions Advantages from NSA:
All the winning individuals/Institutes/associations who have nominated theirselves in NSA Annual Edition and claim their awards under the annual terms and conditions of National School Awards management will be liable to have the marketing and promotional rights of National School Awards in the promotions of their own self/institution/association or from NSA channels and partners across the countries and on their own promotional media including social media, print media, mouth or word and paper media. They will also be having the authority to marketwise on behalf of NSA with their registered Logo/Trademark/Banners/Ribbons/Copyrights. However, In case of any School, Institution, Individual, Entity or party is nominating in National School Awards and claiming the winning despite proceeding for the necessary formalities eg. Documents/finances/notices/policies/images/Write-ups mentioned or applicable as a part of nomination/winning procedure from the management of National School Awards. In this case the individual/institute/association will be directly/indirectly abiding the norms, terms and conditions of participation in National School Awards and the NSA management or organizers can take necessary legal actions against the Individual/Institution for misleading and using the false credentials of National School Awards in their favor. In any case any individual/Institution/association is taking the advantages of any of NSA’s Intellectual Property rights including trademarks/copyrights/Logo/Name/Brand/reputation without the consent and proper proceeding of NSA annual Nomination/registration/winning terms and conditions they will be coming under a criminal offence and NSA organizers or NSA association itself can take necessary Legal Actions/Lawsuits against the entity.

Terms of Payment The nominator, who will be participating in National School Awards, agrees to pay the nomination fee as per the terms of payment as advertised on the website. In the event that the Applicant does not comply with the terms and conditions, the NSA reserves the right to withhold the services. This may mean, but may not be limited to, any of the following – where this forms part of the agreement between the parties:
• The Applicant may not be considered as a finalist or winner.
• The Applicant may not have their profile listed on the website nor use the assets for the awards for publicity.
• The Applicant may not attend the awards.
• The Applicant acknowledges that failure to submit awards forms according to the rules and guidelines does not cancel the agreement between the Parties.
This means that the NSA will continue to collect payment whether an entrant or judge or an attendee participates or not, once they have been provided with an invoice or submitted payment, unless the Applicant cancels within 14 days (in the case of credit cards) or the date on the NSA’s invoice (in the case of receiving an invoice).
No refunds will be given within 30 days of the date of entries closing; the date of the awards finals; the date of Awards International conferences and master-classes.

Late Payment
After 7 days of the date of the invoice interest will be added to the balance owing at the rate of 2.2% per month in accordance with the late payment of commercial debts act 1998. An administration charge will also be added to the balance outstanding. Two reminders will be sent for the payment of the invoice. For each further reminder sent in order to recover the balance we will add the administration to the balance outstanding. After two reminders have been sent in the absence of payment the NSA will immediately apply to the county court for a judgement and will not issue any further notice.

• National School Awards makes no assurances or guarantees of quality, safety, legality, adherence to Term regulations, or to other regulations and requirements with regard to individuals, Schools or Companies entering in, winning or associated with the National School Awards and its subsidiaries. National School Media advises that all purchases, contracts or agreements should be subject to full due diligence on the part of the buyer, contractor or contractee and should never be made based on the existence of an Award or association with the National School Awards alone. NSA bears no responsibility for injury or damages (financial, legal or otherwise) resulting from any action or decision taken in relation to the Awards.

Ticket and Ticket Sales Refund Policy
• All the nomination fee/purchases are non-refundable.
• Transactions are made in National Currency.

Force Majeure: Should the Event be delayed or cancelled as a result of circumstances beyond our reasonable control the following terms will apply:
• (i) If the Event is rearranged within 8 weeks of the date of the delayed or cancelled Event your advance payments will be retained and applied to the rearranged Event at a similar or same quality venue. Whilst you will not be required to pay any increases to the ticket price, we will not be liable for any additional or consequential loss or expenditure caused by or relating to such delay or cancellation. Accordingly, you should obtain insurance against such loss or expenditure.
• (ii) If the Event is not rearranged within 8 weeks of the date of the delayed or cancelled Event you will be entitled to a full refund of all advance payments that you have made, but we will not be liable for any additional or consequential loss or expenditure caused by or relating to such delay or cancellation. Accordingly, you should obtain insurance against such loss or expenditure.

Non-attendance at awards
If the awardee does not attend the awards ceremony after entering the awards or does not attend after booking a place at the awards, their bookings will be cancelled automatically and NSA will not be liable to pay any amount for their absence. Since the Applicant is not in attendance, they will not be able to obtain an official photograph with their award. They may not be able to attend Open Presentations.